24/7 Protection Of Your Social Online Life.

secure.me, a division of AVAST, is dedicated to making the use of social networks and apps a safe experience for all.

Next Generation Security – Why it matters

The way you deal with your personal data is constantly changing: Today, you browse the web and use various applications on multiple devices like PCs, smartphones and tablets. Many of these websites and apps are social, they connect to Facebook to access your personal data and share content. This presents a risk, the longer you have Facebook and the more apps you add, your online social profile becomes exposed. Facebook is the center of most social online lives, where all activities run together. secure.me helps you keep your privacy, security and online reputation safe with the world’s most comprehensive and advanced technology.

Leading Technology to Protect Your Most Valuable Data

Our unique security technology works like an antivirus solution, for Facebook. secure.me is a cloud service connected to Facebook, the center of most social online lives. Sophisticated algorithms analyze and draw attention to actions on Facebook that could hurt your privacy, security and reputation. secure.me’s Privacy Control monitors your personal and sensitive data to protect your privacy, while providing simple and easy actions that you can take to secure yourself. App Security uses cutting-edge technology to analyze activities and data access of the applications you have connected to Facebook. secure.me identifies untrustworthy actions and data abuse. secure.me’s Reputation Guard uses biometric face and semantic language recognition technology to prevent you from over-sharing and damaging your reputation.

First Choice for Users All Around the World

Our greatest motivation is hearing how our customers feel confident and safe with secure.me. Today, in more than 100 countries and ten different languages users of all ages are protecting themselves with secure.me.

Social App Security is in our DNA

secure.me joined AVAST Software, maker of the world’s most popular antivirus, in May 2013. secure.me was created by Mario Grobholz and Christian Sigl. With a clear view of the rapidly growing quantities of personal data online, they recognized in 2007 that there would be a need for everybody to protect their social online lives. They launched the first online reputation platform in 2007 based on proven research and content analysis technology.